Minimal Productions is a full-service environmental consulting company focusing on the entertainment and hospitality industries. Our mission is to provide our clients with the tools to reduce their environmental impact in every aspect of their business. We work with our clients to seamlessly integrate "green" practices into their business operations.

As a logistics company, Minimal Productions provides our clients with vendors, services and resources, supervises the implementation of greening practices, author and conduct educational sessions with staff, and provide reportable measurements of the effort, which reflect the reduction of the environmental impact.

We understand the inner workings of the entertainment and hospitality industries and tailor our services and recommendations to our clients's specific needs. We make it our mission to instill our clients with knowledge of sustainable practices and ensure a smooth transition to a greener way of conducting business. We implement methodology that will not disrupt our clients businesses, rather they will be enhanced. We do this by learning exactly how our clients conduct their business, realizing no two operations are the same, and therefore cookie cutter solutions are not part of our business philosophy.

We understand that integrating new environmental practices cannot be a disruption to your business. We break down the process in to easy to understand categories and encourage our clients to choose the changes that resonate, so that they are in control of the process. Knowledge and tools for implementation are key. Changing the way people view, and integrate these practices, so they become part of the fabric of the way they run their business is our passion.

Incorporating sustainable practices does not necessarily equate with spending more money, typically we produce substantially more savings then our fees. We understand that the process has to be as close to cost neutral or cost positive as possible. Budgets differ, as do the sizes of the jobs we undertake. We commit to stay within a given budget and maximize the return on our efforts.

Thank you.

tom s schey, pres.

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