An attorney by trade, Tom Schey gained notoriety for this commitment to build environmentally advanced homes far ahead of the curve. Schey's most published development was Project 7ten, the first conventionally constructed LEED Platinum Certified home to be built in the United States. Schey, along with MP partner Kelly Meyer, used this project as a platform for environmental education, fundraising and think-tanks. The home became the launch location for the Discovery Channel's Planet Green.

Post project 7ten, schey has consulted on a multitude of projects, all with the same focus, reducing his client's environmental footprint. Whether it is facilities based, (buildings and hotels), operations, or the actual production of content whether that be in the form of feature films, episodic TV series, or the making of commercials, Schey has blended a fun, effective, and engaging approach on the projects he is involved with. Schey's next big "project" is authoring and introducing an international environmental certification program through a non-profit, directed towards all facets of the production process. Working with environmental and industry leaders, celebrities, and other stakeholders in the entertainment business, the program will be introduced in late 2011.

Lauren Gropper, CO-FOUNDER
Lauren Gropper is a leader in the field of sustainability consulting and environmental design, with a focus on commercial architecture and entertainment. She holds a Masters of Environmental Design from the Pratt School of Architecture and is an Adjunct Professor at Pratt. Lauren has been called upon to work with Fortune 100 companies including: Gensler, Bank of America, Microsoft, Korean Airlines, Conde Nast, and Fairmont Hotels. A LEED® Accredited Professional since 2002, Lauren has consulted on over 75 LEED® Registered projects in North America as well as various residential and commercial buildings, corporations, and homes in Los Angeles, Toronto and New York City.

Ms. Gropper's film and television experience began in her role as host and consultant to HGTV's Green Force. Lauren was then hired as a green consultant to the set of HBO's Entourage and went on to become a consulting producer for Discovery's Alter Eco with Adrian Grenier. Lauren has more recently been involved in advertising campaigns – she was selected to be a part of Absolut Vodka's Visionary campaign, and is a representative for Hyundai's LiveSmart, consulting both on and off the set for their recent carbon neutral campaign - the first ever carbon neutral commercial production.

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